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In 2015, the police of Michigan and Illinois both arrested approximately 32,000 drivers for driving under the influence. The combined minimum cost this had on all 64,000 drivers totaled in at roughly $550 million, and the combined jail time these drivers served easily extended decades into the future. In other words, the police don’t play around when it comes to DUIs. But neither does Douglas A. Boodt.

As a result of representing hundreds of clients over the course of nearly 20 years in the states of Michigan and Illinois, Boodt commands a deep knowledge of court processes and the nuances of DUI plea bargains. He brings this expertise to court in each DUI defense case so that his clients receive the most protection possible against the harshest charges.

If you or someone you know has been arrested for drunk driving, contact DUI defense attorney Douglas A. Boodt immediately.


Drunk Driving Penalties for First-Time Offenders

If you are unfamiliar with how severe first-time offense penalties can be for convicted drunk drivers, read on so that you know exactly what you or a loved one may face:


1. Jail Sentence

When convicted of a DUI charge, first-time offenders are required by law to serve a jail sentence. In Michigan, the time you serve in prison could be up to 90 days long, or, if you are a resident of Illinois, you could serve a full 12-month sentence.


2. Heavy Fines

In both Michigan and Illinois, first-time offense fines can cost as much as $500. That doesn’t include court fees, impound expenses, and bail, which can stack another $4,000 onto your first DUI cost.


3. License Revocation

Losing your license for 6 months may not seem like a large penalty for your first DUI offense, but the freedom of having your own reliable transportation up to that point will quickly make itself apparent.


4. Higher Insurance Premiums

Rising car insurance premiums are an infamous consequence of being convicted of a DUI. For the first 36 months after your first DUI, your premium can cost twice as much as the standard rate or more. For example, if you pay roughly $80 a month on car insurance, the $2,880 that you would normally pay for those three years would instead be $5,760.

What’s more is that this larger fee doesn’t immediately revert back to the standard rate but instead gradually declines over the course of years, costing you potentially thousands of extra dollars annually.


5. Super Drunk Driving Laws

Michigan has had a unique past with drunk driving laws, specifically since it launched the Super Drunk Driving Law in 2010, which assigns a more severe DUI penalty to drivers caught on the road with a BAC of .17 or higher. As Michigan law dictates, these first-time offense penalties include:

-Up to $700 fine

-Up to 180 days in jail

-Up to 360 hours of community service

-Up to 12 months of license suspension

-Mandatory completion of an alcohol treatment program

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